Online sex chats about daddy daughter

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Online sex chats about daddy daughter

"Ahhh," she whispered aloud as her masturbatory fantasy continued, increasing the speed with which she manipulated her clit as she imagined her father doing the same. This was how he would seduce her for the first time. "Agghh," she breathed out deeply as her finger pushed down on her clit and circled, leaning back as the familiar feeling approached her. For the first time in her life, she was masturbating and thinking about her own father, and although deep down inside, she knew there would be guilt after she orgasmed, she didn't care.

All Alexa cared at the moment was reaching her orgasm as her hips bucked.

Marc, a United States Army colonel, along with his family, had been relocated to Los Angeles for a desk job after more than 18 years in the Army.In the darkness of her dorm room, Alexa groaned one last time, pushing her crotch into her finger, feeling sticky lubricant coating her clit.Her finger, now drenched with her own teenage fuck juices, began to explore her tiny breasts as the young girl caught her breath, her post-orgasm glow lighting up her entire face.With the tip of her index finger, the slender brunette softly pulled on the side of her white panties, allowing just the tip of her finger to touch her left pussy lip.She could feel the heat radiating from an area she'd come to be familiar with ever since she learned what sex and desires were. This time, it was almost taboo -- something she'd never experienced before.

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