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The talk-show host bristles."You wouldn't ask Jesse Jackson if he had any white friends," he complains.

"You're trying to establish that I am a bigot-Nazi-racist-pig so that you can print it in your own good conscience."Mr.

"Sometimes I have a date and somebody'll want to watch a movie so I'll say, ' All right, let's go to the video store.' And I go in there and I buy some videos.

That way, you don't have to take 'em back."He says he will stay away from museums "until I can find a golf cart in one." He avoids food stores because "I can order food from D' Agostino's on my computer and have it delivered."And he stays out of department stores.

Limbaugh is being interviewed by The New York Times, has just ribbed his bachelor pal by remarking loudly in passing: "Well, Rush, that's got to be either a hooker or a reporter."It is not surprising that Mr.

Limbaugh inspires such dazzling outbursts of political incorrectness. L.; that's it."While the 42-year-old has become supremely confident in the studio dishing up verities of the right -- a regurgitation of his radio musings called "The Way Things Ought to Be" has been at or near the top of the New York Times best-seller list for 28 weeks -- his off-the-air personality is far less brazenly assured.

Limbaugh replies that he is not invited to many dinner parties. After all, New York loves celebrities, no matter what they are famous for."Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong," he says.Limbaugh says he likes rock, but he also likes Chopin's Polonaise No. But it is too much to hope that he hates Tom Clancy and secretly reads Jane Austen. "I think it's one of the few, if not the only, emotion over which humans have no control."While Mr."One of my biggest thrills in life was when I learned that Tom Clancy listens to me," he says. Limbaugh does not want to discuss what happened to his two marriages, he does broach the subject of children."A lot of people say, ' Why don't you have children? from behind." But he is clearly defensive on the subject and accuses feminists of "political cleansing.""It's just like this ethnic cleansing in Bosnia," he says. I try to figure them out, even though it's not possible.He does not need to be on the society page to know he has arrived. Limbaugh's Lincoln Town Car, which he says is a luxury he would not need in any city but New York, is waiting.He has a better indicator: a friend recently asked to borrow a million dollars. Limbaugh is known to be generous, but that is stretching even his limit. Limbaugh's broadcast personality is overdrawn, asks if he ever socializes with feminists, gays or blacks. He tells his chauffeur about the crack his friend the bond trader made in front of the reporter."Can you believe he said that?

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