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Sagittarius dating pices

They will be able to be more patient with the Sagittarius man or Sagittarius woman being distant than other signs in the zodiac might be. They are not overly generous, like the fish alone might be.

The Sagittarius person will always look for knowledge and this mixes with Pisces’ gentle compassion towards other people. The planets Jupiter and Neptune will rule over Pisces and the planet Jupiter will rule over Sagittarius.

Sagittarius will teach the fish how to make their dreams reality.

They will both need to use their perceptive skills to make the relationship better.

They will both need to focus on what each other needs. Neither the fish nor the archer will feel like they need to control the relationship.

Pisces is the gentle, sensitive dreamer of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is the bold and fiery adventurer of the zodiac.

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The fish and the archer will be more compatible when they have something stronger to anchor their relationship on instead of just quick intimate sexual moments. Pisces and Sagittarius soul mates will need to use their innate understanding of people and situations to solve matters. Too much Water can extinguish the Sagittarian’s fiery nature.

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