See online webcam in toilet

Posted by / 09-Nov-2019 18:38

See online webcam in toilet

Additionally we connected 2 USB webcams to take the pictures (2 toilets) and a USB-stick on which we installed the OS.

Lastly we plugged in a SD-card to boot the Raspberry Pi.

And let’s face it, who hasn’t dreamed of putting a computer in the toilet connected to a camera that reports back to a web page whether the toilet is occupied or not. There’s all kind of people running around at our digital agency (Intracto, Belgium).So now we can check online whether our toilet is taken or not.:) The trick with the webcam The system behind our little project has already been the subject of lively discussion amongst our competitor/colleagues of the Belgian web sector.Fun and addictive gameplay with amazing graphics and music will keep you entertained. • Simple enough to understand rules in few minutes yet complex enough to keep your interest. It's a good wind down kind of game if you enjoy playing something before bed, too.• Play with up to 4 friends on the one device or with bots. Please add online multiplayer and maybe cards you can draw and use!

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The Wheeldale is proud and pleased to be able to offer live streaming of one of the best views in Whitby via our three, live, webcams.