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Sex dating in bloomfield hills michigan

Research also suggests registries do little to protect communities and often create ongoing misery for some who served their sentences and are unlikely to re-offend. In his old neighborhood, he was harassed by other residents who once put up flyers about him.A woman in Florida he has never met, a self-proclaimed vigilante, tracks his every move online, calling him names and taunting him as a child rapist.Webb's face, address, conviction, physical description, birth date and job location pop up if you plug in his name or the ZIP code where he lives. And higher courts recently called registries harsh and unconstitutional, including a ruling last month that says parts of Michigan's law are vague and unconstitutional, making it impossible in some instances for offenders to know whether they are following the law.For many, there is also a question of fundamental fairness when, for example, a 19-year-old is convicted of having sex with his underage girlfriend or somebody convicted of public urination is grouped on the same list as a serial rapist."Should they never be given a chance to turn their lives around? "Instead, we let our anger drive us." But some legislators and law enforcement officials say registries are useful because they help keep track of potentially dangerous people.The supporters also dismiss the research, saying it's impossible to determine who might re-offend.

But she now advocates revisiting the laws, saying some juveniles and others who made mistakes are unnecessarily tarred for decades or life.

Webb is one of 43,000 convicted sex offenders in Michigan, most of which appear on the state online sex offender registry managed by the State Police.

Each state has a digital registry that can be searched on the Internet with a total of about 800,000 names.

"I want to know who is living in my neighborhood." Fundamental fairness Sex offender registry laws were first passed in the 1990s following a string of horrific child murders.

The registries were originally accessible only by police, allowing them to track the most dangerous offenders.

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Shaun Webb was convicted of a misdemeanor after a 15-year-old girl charged that he groped her breast.