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Sextalk or chat

He pulls his hand back up, and shows me my wetness.

I took my time, bending over my gym bag, and letting the hem of my skirt rise up to show my bare bottom. Pentz walked over to me, and pulled my skirt down, while slipping his middle finger between my ass cheeks, and squeezing my butt. He continued, “you just turned 18 last week, so guess what? He unzipped his pants, fishing out this monster of a cock, and smacks it against my stomach. He takes his free hand, reaches underneath my skirt, and finds my wet pussy.

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He was one of these youngish teachers, in his mid-40s, who loved both the books, and the workout mat. I could see his eye catch something between my legs, widen, and quickly turn away.

Pentz was my partner, you know, the one that holds your feet down each time as you go up. Pentz, was holding my legs, and looking down at me, while I did my crunches.

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