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Just a few things that make Shetland well worth the visit.

If you dream of adventuring at the edge of the world, look no further than Shetland!

Discover Shetland's unique cultural heritage from tradittional music to the spectacular Up Helly Aa festival.

Lastly if you're a fan of Ann Cleeves' Step back in time to the dawn of civilisation at ancient ruins, admire beautiful handcrafted Viking-style longships and enjoy some of the most spectacular wildlife sights in Europe.

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The Fetlar Interpretive Centre is a small, dynamic, community-run museum giving you the chance to walk through exhibitions on history, archaeology, folklore and wildlife.

The camera covers the entire airport allowing for a great view of the arrival from and departure to their various destinations.

Last year, we welcomed to Shetland one of the most influential UK adventure bloggers, Sophie Radcliffe, for a week of adventuring, wild camping, trail running, hiking, kayaking, sailing, cycling and more… Located at the Market Cross in the centre of Lerwick’s main shopping street the Visit Scotland i Centre is open all year and has everything you need to plan your visit to Shetland as well as a range of Shetland Crafts.

A STUNNING fireball seen over the Shetland Isles has been named as a sporadic meteor.

“A meteor is a speck of dust from our solar system that hits the Earth’s atmosphere and burns up.

“The brightness of the meteor depends on the size of the speck of dust, the speed it is travelling and how deep it goes in to the Earths atmosphere “There are clouds, so the brightness of the meteor, as we see it on the video, may well be changing due to the varying thickness of the clouds.

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Working in partnership with Promote Shetland, the webcam will offer people from near and far the chance to see to the evening of celebrations by watching the mesmerising and iconic cultural event as it unfolds via North Link Ferries’ Facebook page and website.