Sophos updating policy awaiting policy transfer

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Sophos updating policy awaiting policy transfer

The key used in your concentrator and on your PIX should match exactly.Some ports need to be open in firewall software, such as Black Ice (Black Ice has other problems with regard to the Cisco VPN client, too.I recommend that the user replace ICS with a decent home router with a firewall.Note that this is not necessary if the VPN machine simply connects through another machine that is using ICS.In the preshared key field, enter your preshared key.

In general, if your users open the following ports in their software, you should see a stop to the complaints: You may also have custom configured ports for IPSec/UDP and IPSec/TCP.If you're getting errors in your logs related to preshared keys, you may have mismatched keys on either end of the VPN connection.If this is the case, your logs may indicate that exchanges between the client and VPN server are fine well into the IKE main mode security associations.The old standby, [Ctrl][Alt][Del], still works, though, and users will need to type their usernames and passwords instead of clicking a picture of a cat.(Note: Fast User Switching can be enabled by disabling the client's "Start Before Login" feature.

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