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April’s pre- and post-emails were both helpful and caring. Loved the snorkeling area though I wasn’t sure I’d try it!

Tours of the slave quarters monument was compelling – I hadn’t known of Zanzibar’s history with slaves before this trip.

- The best experiences were all the “factories” – flower auction, cheese, Delft and chocolate; Anne Frank’s house was profound; Keukenhof was gorgeous; and all the canal rides were fun, and face another perspective of a city. Marta was an excellent guide in Madrid, could be understood. I was really happy with the value of the tour, because of all the included meals and activities. – I knew I would love New Zealand but S&S tour enhanced my experiences. The whole group was like we had known each other for years. – Really enjoyed the Vatican, and I didn’t really have expectations. Loved the opportunity to walk through the city and connect with so many historical sights- the Colosseum and surroundings!

This was a wonderful trip – very well organized with two interesting countries. – Javier, the local guide in Marbella was excellent. All the activities were well-planned and they were well balanced with our free time. The only regret is that the Night Sky tour was canceled due to weather but Marta found alternative activities for us to do. This tour is rich with history, culture, art and the wonderful people of Rome. I love being immersed in different cultures and learning about the customs and mores of perole I knew little about. I really appreciated the Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok and the city of Chiang Mai generally. Africa was an amazing show of nature; friendly, warm, welcoming people; the restrooms were immaculate and wonderful accommodations in the Serengeti and Zanzibar and everywhere we went.

The hotels and tour director were fabulous as was the scenery and food – excellent. Greece is one place everyone who travels should go – great experience. I really enjoyed having to only change hotels once. – The best experience was sitting on the terrace at the Mountain View Hotel in Santorini watching the sunset with a glass of wine in tow. – Having lunch at our guides family home and going to chef Michaels home gave a personal insight into Morocco.

I enjoyed everything on this trip – the food, hotels, cooking class, the wine and local guides and landscapes and the lovely group of women. Christ the King and Lisbon Bridge were wonderful to see. The tour was extremely organized without being regimented. I appreciated ordering off menus (not banquet menus) in quality restaurants.

The people running the school were organized, pleasant patient and present… - As always a thoughtfully planned & organized tour.

A diverse tour from the city of Cape Town to the games drives in Kapama, there was always something to amaze!

– The best experience during the trip had to be the guide we had in Latvia.It was great to immerse myself in a completely different culture…but my much needed vacation vibe really started and ended in Laos where I was seduced by its charms and quirks. It gave us the opportunity to participate rather than be a spectator.Our Tour Directors are the one feature that makes our journeys uniquely special.Chosen for their charisma, expertise and affability, these women are the secret ingredient that turns a fine tour into an unforgettable experience.

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As our bus pulled up, two waiters were waiting on the grounds to serve our lunch.