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There are more items in the V5C than in the regular V5, but they still have the same basic functions.Some items you can buy from the TV Shopping channel will also raise bonding by a small bit.Sometimes, they will bring up bees instead; don't sign these! Your Tamagotchi stands on the left side of the screen, and tubes will float by in a pool on the right side.Press the middle button to make your Tamagotchi jump onto the tube. If it's going to the top of the screen, press and hold the left button to have your Tamagotchi move up.

You need to press the left and middle buttons, depending on what side the fan comes up on.It was an updated version of the Tamagotchi Connection V5, with a celebrity and royal touches added in.Like the original V5, it allowed you to raise a family of Tamagotchis instead of just raising one at a time.Family bonding affects what characters your Tamagotchis will grow into, but there are fewer 'Pure' Families in this release; the ones from the original V5 were replaced by the Royal Family.At set times during the day, your Tamagotchi family will call for your attention.

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