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Posted by / 07-May-2020 12:26

Nowadays there is lots of porn to placate them somewhat.

I think for the most part it's a myth, save for the 10/10's that know what they're doing.

In that case hooking up is imbued with meaning and import to their social standing. As you observed, there is a silent majority in long-term relationships or forever alone.

The only people (girls and gays, let's face it) going out and sleeping with a new person every week are clearly mentally troubled.

I never really saw the majority of students as getting involved in hookups. I haven't really witnessed much of the casual sex scene either, save for one of my flat mates who seems to pull on the regular and I suspect the girl below me has pulled several nights.

To me it seems like it's something that they may want, but they don't really get around to doing it. I have one friend who does well on the casual scene, but everyone else I know...either in a relationship, seeing someone or single.

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They have been enabled, however, by apps like Tinder.