Updating a row in sql using jdbc top 5 dating sites 2016

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Updating a row in sql using jdbc

Following is the example, which makes use of the Result Set. TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE described in the Result Set tutorial.This example would explain INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operation on a table.To do so, we just need to follow these steps: I've tried to document the following Java My SQL UPDATE example so you can see these steps.Note that in this example my My SQL database username is "root", my password is blank, and the My SQL database is running on the same computer where this program is run, so the database host name is "localhost". * Demonstrates the use of a SQL UPDATE statement against a * My SQL database, called from a Java program.

For example, compare what you have written with this: Prepared Statement update = connection.prepare Statement ("UPDATE items SET name = ?

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It's difficult to tell what is being asked here.

The result is (same time unit): Run 0, Statement 1: PT4.546S Run 0, Statement 2: PT3.52S Run 0, Statement 3: PT0.144S Run 0, Statement 4: PT0.028S Run 1, Statement 1: PT3.712S Run 1, Statement 2: PT3.185S Run 1, Statement 3: PT0.138S Run 1, Statement 4: PT0.025S Run 2, Statement 1: PT3.481S Run 2, Statement 2: PT3.007S Run 2, Statement 3: PT0.122S Run 2, Statement 4: PT0.026S Run 3, Statement 1: PT3.518S Run 3, Statement 2: PT3.077S Run 3, Statement 3: PT0.113S Run 3, Statement 4: PT0.027S Run 4, Statement 1: PT3.54S Run 4, Statement 2: PT2.94S Run 4, Statement 3: PT0.123S Run 4, Statement 4: PT0.03S The difference between Statement 1 and 4 is a factor of 100x !! Again (by far): Statement 4, running the bulk update In fact, the time is not too far away from the time taken by PL/SQL.

With larger data sets being updated, the two results will converge. While we're running individual row-by-row updates, we're sending all the update statements in one batch to the SQL engine.

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Something that has been said many times, but needs constant repeating until every developer is aware of its importance, is the performance difference between row-by-row updating and bulk updating. Let me ask this differently: The best way to find out is to benchmark.