Updating select box using ajax

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My last j Query post looked at how to count the number of options in a select and then clear all options from the select.This post looks at how to add a new option to a select with j Query.The method library is put into practice in the demonstration below. The Java Script code is sufficient to change the list of options of a SELECT.This demo shows how to modify the list of options for a SELECT tag in an HTML form. Ajax allows the code to load a predefined list or to save the new modified list.And please feel free to give comments on this tutorial.If you are familiar with using select boxes for categorisation and sub-categories, such as ebay does when selling an item, usually this can require a lot of Java Script to maintain the select boxes, but j Query can hugely simplify this task by adding a dash of AJAX.It gets the value send by ajax request and then find all the cities related that state value and then it send back all the cities to file. Thats all, this is how to create a dynamic select option menu using ajax and PHP.

Better yet, if we allow the user to edit a list, it is necessary to save and load it at a later session, and we will see how to accomplish that with Ajax. selected Index: Number of the selected item, from zero.Clicking "Replace options" replaces them with a new set of options and then selects the "Green" one.Note that the above example will not work if you are reading this in a feed reader.Allow the user to select a top level category from one select box and to automatically populate the sub-category.Our demo will specifically look to build a simple form that allows us to book human resource for a project.

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