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You can do anything in Wicket that you can do in HTML and in exactly the way you always used to do it. I want the whole framework to be based around this "HTML-panelness".There are other significant differences between Echo and Wicket that require in-depth knowledge of both frameworks.So it will take some time before a nuanced comparison can be articulated.As an Echo person, I would be interested in your comments on Wicket's architecture if you can make the time to look at it. It will take some time for people to absorb what I've done here.

To register action listener for the button or other component, call the method Action Listener.

For the manual programming you will likely need to know at least the Border Layout which places four components at the sides and one large component into the middle, then the Flow Layout which usually arranges them side by side into horizontal row and finally the Grid Layout which arranges components into arbitrary n * m table.

There are more of them, but others seem too complex for beginners.

Center) to add your main panel to the instance of JFrame.

To make your application to do more than just appear you also need to understand the Action Listener interface.

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