Updating wii without internet

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Move the cursor to the blue right-pointing arrow, and press the "A" button to select the second page of options.Click the "Internet" command with the Wiimote (moving the cursor and pressing "A"), and select "Connection Settings" from the settings menu.Select "Connection 1" from the list of connections, and then click "Wired Connection" to begin the connection test.

Click "Wireless Connection" from the list of connection types.

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Nintendo's periodic Wii updates often improve the gaming console's performance and enhance certain game features.

Even with a fast connection, the transfer does take a while if you have a lot of games and save data. Just hook it up to any power source (one that is not likely to be disrupted- you dont want to brick your console) and connect to your wii fi and volia, update!

Dont even need to worry about HDMI cable, he just needs to bring the console, controller and power adapter.

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For the system to work properly, you must periodically update the firmware.

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