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Virtual chat bots

However, a lot of these requests are routine and involve looking up order statuses, account balances, and other transactional data.

Labor costs for maintaining a sufficient pool of customer service specialists are considerable.

Nowadays, most prominent websites feature some kind of automated customer service or chat service, which helps customers get responses faster and more precisely.

This article is aimed at e-commerce and digital executives and will try to cover a rapidly expanding field of AI Chatbots from different perspectives.

This happens quite a lot, often undermining the benefits of an automated system and making the experience frustrating to the customers.

With recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, it has now become possible to humanize the robot.

Customers prefer talking to a machine that has a character, like Microsoft’s teen-spirited Toy.

This is really a rhetorical question, as almost any function which involves interaction with a customer can be done by a Chatbot.

This involves creating complicated logical workflows, based on expected customer interaction, and pre-recording all possible answers which the system can respond with to each customer request.

Even the most complicated scripted Chatbots can only use logic which they were programmed to do.

If a customer asks it a question that it doesn’t understand or is not part of the script, the only solution is to connect them with a real human person.

There is even a bot which can help you find the best place to each and make a dinner reservation at a restaurant, based on your personal preferences.

With a wide range of possible applications, the potential for what Chatbots can do is truly enormous. Traditional integrations typically involve custom designed systems which function on individual sites or standalone applications and are tailored to specific business needs.

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While this approach is still far from perfect, it provides a much more relatable experience.