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He starts interviewing me about my interview with him earlier that day.

In the distance are the lights of Guildford, the London suburb where Curry lives with his wife and daughter."Hey, everyboooody," Curry croons, mock-jockey style.

Still, Garfield also thinks it's just a matter of time until podcasting comes into its own: "It's likely that podcasting will bring hitherto obscure or nonexistent broadcasters to the fore, and some genius will be discovered," he says.

"And that's a risk - when podcasters get popular, big broadcasting operations could get squeezed out of the market." For all its promise, podcasting is still in the early adopter stage, and the shows that you can download today are not enough to challenge big media - yet.

There blog guru and RSS author Dave Winer convinced Curry that what people really want is the ability to "take the Internet away with you and listen to it on headphones."Since Curry launched his show, nearly 500,000 people have downloaded i Podder, and the number of available shows has gone from zero to more than 2,000.

This past November, the BBC began podcasting a popular history show called reaches about 1 million listeners via the airwaves.) He adds that the podcasts "reach outside the CBC's typical audience to younger people," a much-desired demographic.

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And in the not-too-distant future, Maffin hopes, podcasting will become a two-way street: "We hope to get content from average people who will effectively become citizen producers."Bob Garfield's WNYC show has been available as a podcast since mid-January.

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