Who is lauren conrad dating july 2016 updating geforce drivers

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Who is lauren conrad dating july 2016

He was a musician-turned-law student at USC Gould School of Law and Conrad was busy building up her LC Lauren Conrad fashion line.

Their relationship moved quickly as they were engaged by October 2013 and married almost exactly a year later.

Conrad, not going to be able to argue that she was actually an anarchic rebel looking to create a never-before-seen aesthetic, decided to embrace the basic for the better."I probably am pretty basic," she told There has also been nothing average about how Conrad set about building a business empire and is now a fashion and lifestyle mogul at 31.

She can't help it that her life just looks really good on Instagram.

"Obviously you want to protect your child in every way you can.

So I was like who is doing that now, I know he doesn't have friends who are doing it... However, to make up for how unappealing that must have been at the time, there is now an enviable Paris travel guide on LC's website courtesy of @finduslost.

I was like, oh god, no one is taking care of him.""We were sad for her, but in the long run, we knew it was best," added Kathy, Lauren's mom., during their tearful goodbye scene where Lauren was dropping off a bunch of Jason's stuff, he hopefully asked if she'd still be his buddy."Can't be a normal buddy, though. life has been the picture-perfect response to everything untoward that happened to her, from her messy breakup and early stumbles at work to her falling out with Heidi and lessons learned about the fragility of some friendships. stores, Conrad also chattered happily about decorating her new little beach cottage in Laguna Beach in all teal and white, and she stopped to admire some dishes—in hindsight, easily a sign that a lifestyle site was just around the corner.

"When I did television, scandal was always around me," she reflected to in 2015. If I hadn't done TV, I still would have ended up in the industry, but I definitely wouldn't be in the position I am now."; then in 2011, Conrad launched the get-the-look site The Beauty Department with her makeup artist and hair stylist, which was followed by the launch of Paper Crown, her own line of contemporary clothing (and, more recently, bridesmaid dresses)."Style and fashion can empower young women and teens, because when you feel good about the way you look and the way you're dressing, it helps with your self-esteem," Conrad explained her M. in a Barnes & Noble Meet the Writers interview in 2010.

"And I think one of the best things [about that] for me is that your life becomes more big-picture. It toughened me up, which is good."Conrad added, "Television was just sort of an accident... "While appearances aren't always the most important [thing], I think that all girls want to feel pretty and feel good about themselves."Of course, Conrad's decidedly uncontroversial answers and explanations, and her amiable, elevated-girl-next-door vibe created their own controversy when somehow she was slapped with the "basic"—and subsequently the "basic bitch"—label for her entirely inoffensive ways.

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In a blog post on her website, Conrad revealed their first date wasn’t actually the first time they met.