Xmlvalidatingreader is obsolete vb net

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Xmlvalidatingreader is obsolete vb net

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Ernesto, I just posted a similar problem I've been having with XSLT transformations. Transform(o Doc, null, str, new Xml Uri Resolver()); -- Oleg Tkachenko Multiconn Technologies, Israel xmlresolver Hi, I have the following code and the compiler complains with "method obsolete should pass a xml Resolver to transform method" line 12. Load(strmenu Path "\" strmenu Xsl); 9 // Create the Stream to place the output. Credentials I have this code from an example on the MSDN site: Dim rdr As New Xml Text Reader(" rdr. I am creating a XML document which opens fine in IE. But when I try to load this document in using the following code Dim doc As New Xml Document doc. Load("C:\Projects\SQLXML\corc.xml") I get the following error: "System. Xml Exception: An unexpected end of file parsing CDATA has occurred.

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Unfortunately, when trying to resolve the "PTSD" entity, the . Problem with Xsl Transform using Xml Resolver I have a problem with the Xsl Transform looking as though it is not using my custom Xsl Resolver.

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